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Lane Baldwin Crawling Through Fire

Greetings, all y’all! I hope this post finds you well and practicing like crazy! I owe all of you an apology for being invisible for so long. But there’s a good reason for it all, as I hope you will all understand. On the very first day of the year, I came down with what […]

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Blues Lesson


The Three Up Three Down Trick for Walking Bass The Three Up, Three Down Trick for Walking Bass

Walking bass lines are a ton of fun. I love playing them, building from a basic idea in the beginning to more and more entertaining and complex concepts. When played well, I find them to be a welcome break from riff-based songs – for both myself and the listener. Several weeks back I sent out […]

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The View From Here by Lane Baldwin


The View From Here

The long-awaited CD from an American Original

Already being called a “masterpiece from a master storyteller,” The View From Here is Lane’s most ambitious effort ever. Blues-infused Americana that takes the listener on a journey of pain, joy and redemption that’s sure to leave you breathless and wanting to hear it all again!

Available for download on:



and other digital outlets.

Beginner Lesson


Closed Boogie Woogie Closed Boogie Woogie Riff

This is the fourth lesson in the Boogie Woogie series. As I’ve mentioned in the previous lessons, the Boogie Woogie pattern is one of the most pervasive bass lines in Blues and Rock and Roll. It’s the foundation for literally thousands of lines. So, it’s pretty important if you want to play Rock or Blues. […]

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Intermediate Lesson


Bass of the Hills Bass of the Hills Turtorial

The Mixolydian scale is one of the most-used scales in modern music. Basically, it’s a major scale with a dominant (or flat) seventh. This tutorial looks at how I use the Mixolydian scale in my solo piece, Bass of the Hills. I wrote this song in 1997, while in the Texas Hill Country just a […]

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Music Business


World's Greatest Bass Solo The World’s Greatest Bass Solo

It wasn’t about chops. It only had one note. But it was the best solo I’ve ever heard. Everyone knows a version of the old joke: When drums stop, bass solo begins. The bass solo could well be the Slim Jim™ of the music world: people either love listening to them or they hate them […]

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Gig Tips

Several years ago, when I was working with David Nordschow at Eden, I was responsible for moderating the forum on the Eden web site. One of the things we did there was to create a list of tips to help bands have better gigs. These tips are presented in no particular order, but I do […]

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