Parts of a Bass Guitar

Before you get started learning to play the bass guitar, let’s go over the main parts of a bass.

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Aim High – Play Low!


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Holding the Bass Guitar

When practicing, proper placement of the bass is crucial. As this video explains, you should always hold the bass in the same position as you will use when performing. Continue reading

The Most Important Songs for Bassists to Learn

You see them all the time: The Top Ten Thousand Love Songs of All Time. The Top 100 Hits of the Last Three Hours. Boxcar Willie’s Top 500 Hits Box(car) Set. The Top One Hundred Top Songs for Bassists to Learn.

In fact, this column is supposed to be about that last list. That’s why you’re reading it – because you want the names of one hundred songs to learn to help make you the world’s coolest bass player – or at least one who can get in a band. Continue reading

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