I’ve been recommending Peterson Tuners for more than a decade. In fact, I used Peterson products as far back as my years in high school band. I got the StroboStomp II shortly after its release, and I’ve used nothing but Peterson units ever since.

Last Fall, I got a smart phone. (Yes, it’s smarter than me. Yes I hate it.) One of the first apps I purchased was the Peterson iStroboSoft. It’s saved me several times since, and is well worth the price. You know me… I love my spares! Check it out: Continue reading

Riffing in Dm Pentatonic

Other bassists often ask me, “the Blues are so limiting. What can you really do with five notes?”

The question tells me a lot about the person, and how they view music. My personal take is this: you can make more beautiful music with five notes than you can with a million. It’s all about your approach.

Yesterday, while I was taping for some new lessons, I took a few minutes to just riff for the fun of it. The video below shows that riff session. Notice that I seldom go outside the pure pentatonic scale – a few times using the flat 5. Continue reading

Playing in the Band

So, you want to see if you’ve got what it takes to make it on stage. Before you head out for the limelight, let’s make sure you’re ready, ok?

Playing in a band is about more than making good music. After all, even though we say we play music, we call it the music business. In order to be successful, you’ll need to be business-like in your approach to playing live. What follows are the basics of approaching live performance in a business-like manner. Learn these simple guidelines and you stand a much better chance of being asked back to the club you’re about to storm. Continue reading

Lane’s Spector NS6 Custom Bass Guitar

Here’s a look at my Spector NS-6P Custom bass guitar. Built in the late 90s during the Stuart Spector Design phase of Stuart’s career, this has been my main bass for more than 16 years.

Continue reading

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