Soloing Over Lemonade Blues

This is the first lesson in a new series on soloing over Blues chord progressions. I hope you’re as excited about it as I am. This series was created in response to numerous requests for info on how to solo

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Greetings, all y’all! Whew! What a ride I’ve had through the end of the old year and the beginning of the new one. I hope you’re all doing great, and enjoying life. Of course, I hope you’re having an awesome

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How to Play Scales on Bass Guitar

Scales are some of the most important building blocks for any instrument. They tell you which notes are most important in any given context. Later, you’ll learn about the other notes. As always, however, we have to start at

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Minor Scale for Bass Guitar

You have found a page that is woefully inadequate. It’s my fault, and I’m working as fast as I can to fix create the content for this area. Please be patient with me. I’m still getting back to normal.


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Minor Pentatonic Scale for Bass Guitar

The minor pentatonic scale is one of the most important scales to learn if you want to play modern music. Everything from the Blues forward uses this one. No matter what music you hope to play, you’ll need to have this one down pat. Continue reading

Alternate Fingering for Minor Pentatonic Scale for Bass Guitar

Continuing our discussion about minor pentatonic scales, let’s look at an alternate fingering.

Previously, I demonstrated the basic “Rock Box” fingering I learned when I was a teenager. And while that fingering pattern is the basis for the bulk of my playing, this second fingering is important to know, so that you’ll have more than one way to approach this scale. In addition, knowing this pattern will make it easier to discuss the theory behind this scale in future lessons. Continue reading

Major Pentatonic Scale for Bass Guitar

The Major Pentatonic Scale is one of the most important scales in modern music. Many classic bass lines are crafted using this scale. Below you will find video clips for the following keys: E (high and low positions), A and

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Major Scale on Bass Guitar

Here’s the basic pattern for playing a major scale on the bass guitar in E. This video shows you the fingering pattern to use when playing any major scale that does not involve an open string. (In other words, most

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