Blues Rhumba Fingering Variation 1

The video opens (as many of them do) with a demonstration of the riff over a 12-Bar Blues – this time in C Major. Next, I show you the notes, one at a time, then play the basic riff at

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Blues Rhumba Jam in C

I recently posted a lesson on the Blues Rhumba. As I mentioned, you won’t hear a rhumba as often as you hear a shuffle feel, but that’s one reason it’s so memorable. And it’s important to be able to play

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Closed Box Shuffle in A

The shuffle feel is one of the most important styles for a Blues bassist to master. If you can’t shuffle, you can’t play the Blues. And the box shuffle is one of the most-used set of lines used. I’ve heard

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Dominant 7 Rock and Roll Riff in G

I first heard this riff as the foundation of Little Richard’s song Lucille. Since then, I’ve heard it used in many others, as well. This is a straight 8 Rock and Roll feel (not a shuffle) that simply outlines the

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Blues Rhumba in C Major

The Blues rhumba (or rumba) has almost an “island” feel. There’s a bit of syncopation to it, and it’s important to play it with feeling. You won’t hear a rhumba as often as you will a shuffle, but

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Simple Funk in F with Flat 7

This is a fairly basic, repetitive Funk riff in F, with a flat 7. If you play with a horn band, you’ll definitely wnat to know your way around in F, as well as Bb, G, C, and perhaps Eb.

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Simple Funk in D with Flat 7

This is a fairly basic, repetitive Funk riff in D, with a flat 7. Notice that I play the riff four times, and on the fourth time I do a variation that loops back around to the main riff. This

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