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Lane Baldwin at Alpha Music

Lane presents a clinic for aspiring bassists at Alpha music, Virginia Beach, VA.

The lesson material is just outstanding. There are so many intermediate players out there that really need this kind of solid foundation. The way you put the information [together] makes it extremely easy to understand…I’m sure there are tons of players that are really getting some use out of the [material]. You need to put all of this in a book. Keep up the great work. – Carol Kaye, Legendary Bassist & Educator

Lane is one of best music educators I know. He can communicate with anyone, from a single young student to a workshop full of pros, with equal ease. ~ Roy Vogt, Master Bassist & Bass Professor – Belmont University, Nashville, author of Teach Me Bass Guitar

I’m pleased to announce that I am now offering Skype bass lessons. Now those who don’t live in my area can study with me via the Internet. Whether you want to be a professional bassist, or just to play with friends for fun, I can teach you the skills you need. All ages and all skill levels welcome. Thirty minute lessons are $30; One hour lessons are $50. Two hour Master Class sessions are $80 Discount packages available.

  • 40 years experience
  • 30 years teaching
  • Protégé of Carol Kaye – world’s most recorded bassist
  • Hundreds of recording and performance credits
  • Decades of international touring credits
  • Musical Ambassador for Washington, D.C.
  • Well versed in a wide variety of styles 
  • Learn the basic skills that will create a solid foundation
  • Basic theory – including chord mechanics
  • Basic through advanced “groovology”
  • Right hand techniques: Finger style, Picking, Slap and Tapping
  • Speed and Dexterity Exercises
  • May record lessons for future reference
  • Prepayment Discounts

I really admire your mastery of the Bass; it’s a constant source of inspiration for me as a student. When I first came to you, I was frustrated and lacked any sense of direction . Now, three months later, it’s like night and day! I have a source of inspiration (you), I have a sense of direction. I practice everyday and longer, and I’m playing with confidence. THANK YOU!!! – Chris T.

To discuss scheduling and payment options, SEND ME AN EMAIL. Please include your phone number, location, and best time to call.

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