This page is brand new, and will continue to grow. For now, here’s a list of bass player web sites that are worth visiting:

Roy Vogt – the Professor – also see Belmont University and my Teach Me Bass Guitar Review (Roy’s course).

Snow Owl (Juan Garcia-Herreros) – the European Professor, is assisting Lane with upcoming European tour.

Sean O’Bryan Smith – in pre-production for upcoming Deeper Blues CD.

Polo Jones – executive producer for Dig the Hole.

Mahlon Hawk – assisting Lane with upcoming South American tour.

Abe White – always keeps a roof over Lane’s head when in Nashville. Always.

Angeline Saris – a bass player first! … and a sister.

Roger Barlow – unsurpassed technical wizardry and patience under extreme deadline duress.

Ace Livingston

Traa Daniels – the Renaissance Man…

Randy Landau (and Georgette!)

Al Turner – The first one – again

Mike Watt – Godfather of Punk Bass

Maurice Fitzgerald – another long-time friend

Wes Watson – a brother in arms

Mick Donner

Dave Pomeroy (my old school…)

Uriah Duffy – brutha from anotha

Johnny Castle

Rev Jones

Doug Johns

Steve Bailey

Bryan Beller (and his talented wife, Kira Small)

Victor Wooten

Adam Nitti

Jonas Hellborg

Rich Krainak

Tony Franklin

Abbi Roth

The incomparable Carol Kaye

Brian Bromberg

Ed Friedland

The ones we should all be listening to…

Jack Bruce

John Paul Jones

Meshell Ndegeocello

Nate Watts

Paul McCartney

Darryl Jones

Doug Wimbish

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