Closed Boogie Woogie Riff

This is the fourth lesson in the Boogie Woogie series. As I’ve mentioned in the previous lessons, the Boogie Woogie pattern is one of the most pervasive bass lines in Blues and Rock and Roll. It’s the foundation for literally

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Shuffle Ping Pong

A few weeks ago I attended a local Blues jam for the first time. The house bassist, Paul, had great feel, and a very deep pocket. During the opening set, the band played an old shuffle with a new feel.

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Blues Rhumba Fingering Variation 2

This is the final lesson in the basic Blues Rhumba series. So far, you’ve learned two fingering patterns for the Rhumba. Today we’ll look at the the third and final pattern.

The video opens (as many of them do) with

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