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Stomp ClassicI just got my new Stomp Classic pedal tuner from Peterson Tuners, and wanted to show it to you right away. I’ve been recommending Peterson Tuners for over a decade, and am proud to endorse their products. To me, the Stomp Classic seriously raises the bar for pedal tuners. I’m really amazed at all the features.

I’ve been on tour break this week, so I was able to put together a quick video to tell you about some of the main features I love.

NOTE: This video is actually a new one, which I taped in early March, 2013.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to plug it in so you could see the dial, but you can visit the company’s web site for more pics and in-depth info. For now, take a look at what this baby can do:

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I highly recommend you check out Peterson Tuners. Whether you need a pedal or rack mount, even a phone app, you’ll get the coolest, most accurate tuners around.

Aim High – Play Low!


What do you think of the Stomp Classic? And… would you like to see more gear videos? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. And don’t forget to LIKE the post, OK? Thanks! ~ LoB

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