C Major Pentatonic Scale – Low Position

C Major Pentatonic Scale Low PositionContinuing our study of the Major Pentatonic Scale, here it is in the key of C, in the lowest position. This position begins on third fret of the A string.

As always, remember your basics:

⁊ Start slowly

⁊ Play it 10 times, perfectly

⁊ Increase speed slowly

Practice the scale in this position only… for now. In the next lesson, I’ll show you the same scale in a different spot on the neck.

C Major Pentatonic Scale – Low Position

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I keep writing this because it’s very important: Remember, this isn’t a race. Strive for accuracy above all else. Increase your speed just two beats (per minute) at a time, playing the scale perfectly ten times in a row before adding another two beats. Learn the low position of this scale before moving to the high position. Yes, I keep writing this – because it’s important.

Practice this scale every day for one week, then review it twice a week for the rest of the month. By then, you’ll have it committed to memory for life!

Aim High – Play Low!


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