Minor Pentatonic Scale for Bass Guitar

The minor pentatonic scale is one of the most important scales to learn if you want to play modern music. Everything from the Blues forward uses this one. No matter what music you hope to play, you’ll need to have this one down pat.

This scale is presented in series of four videos, beginning with the notes themselves, followed by a look at the “secret slide” technique used in the middle of the scale. Part 3 demonstrates the scale at tempo, while Part 4 shows how to expand beyond a single octave.

I used A minor pentatonic because of it’s location on the bass neck. I find it’s an excellent place to being when learning this scale. Underneath the four videos here, you’ll find links to other keys.

Part One: Learn the Notes

Part Two: the Slide Technique

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Part Three: Practicing the Scale

Part Four: Extending the Scale

Minor Pentatonic Scales
Click on the link for each key/position
More keys coming soon

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Bb B C
C# D
Eb E
2 Octaves
F F# G

Other Keys

Aim High – Play Low!


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