Blues Rhumba Jam in C

I recently posted a lesson on the Blues Rhumba. As I mentioned, you won’t hear a rhumba as often as you hear a shuffle feel, but that’s one reason it’s so memorable. And it’s important to be able to play it with feeling and authority.

For this lesson, I set up the camera and my “drum box,” then just had some fun. In the beginning, I stayed fairly simple, but then began to offer more complex variations. The final verse incorporates a very melodic line – one that should only be used in the big “build up” section of a song. Please don’t EVER play those last lines during the vocals!

So… without further ado, here’s the video, and the notation below that.

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1. There are four pages to the sheet music, which includes standard notation and TAB. Click on the link below the image of page 1 to view and download the full PDF version.

2. In the very final measure, you’ll hear an awful note. That’s because I mis-fretted. I  know it’s there, so you don’t have to tell me. (smile)

Blues Rhumba Jam

View and Download PDF

Take this one very slowly. Learn it a few measures at a time if need be. But make absolutely certain you can play each section perfectly at a slower tempo before increasing speed. To my mind, each verse is a bit more complex, and therefore a bit more difficult than the one before it. Take your time perfecting each one; this isn’t a race, OK?

Until next time, have fun, and…

Aim High – Play Low


Was this lesson helpful? Let me know in the comments below. And feel free to ask questions! Share it with your friends using the tiles below, and hit the LIKE button if you’re of a mind! ~ Lane

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2 Responses to Blues Rhumba Jam in C

  • gary brill:

    Hi Lane,
    I have a question/ request about this video. At about the 1:02 mark you do a cool root/ octave chromatic walk from the 1 to the 4 and I would like to see your right hand technique on this run. I have tried a couple different variations, and am curious about your technique.
    Thanks for your time

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