Lane BaldwinGreetings, all y’all! Whew! What a ride I’ve had through the end of the old year and the beginning of the new one. I hope you’re all doing great, and enjoying life. Of course, I hope you’re having an awesome time playing bass and learning more.

If you’re on the mailing list, I hope you’ve noticed the newsletters in your mailbox. If not, let me call your attention to them now. And if you’re not on the list yet, just enter you’re name and email in the boxes near the top right of each page to get signed up. I’ll send you the Bass Tips PDF just for doing it. Plus you’ll get the intro series of messages and the ongoing newsletters, which offer tips and insights, links to cool videos and more. Anyhoo… I just started the newsletter up again, and plan to send two a week: one on Monday to get your week started, and a second one on Friday to help you gear up for the weekend.

This week, after some great conversations with a few of you, I’ve been cleaning things up around here. So far, I’ve touched up the HOME and ABOUT pages, and created a new section just for scales (It’s right here). I’ve also organized them in what I believe is a better order, with lessons at the top of the page for each type of scale I’ve got so far.

Here’s why that’s so cool. By separating the scales, I could see how big the gaps are; and, boy, are they big! Guess what I’ll be working on soon? Yep! Videos to fill those gaps. I’ll continue to massage the framework around here, always with an eye on making it easier for you to find lessons.

Speaking of videos, several of you have asked for lessons on soloing, especially in the Blues. I’m brainstorming how I want to approach that, and I’ll keep you up to date on my progress. I also want to continue offering basic riffs to add to your “vocabulary.” So… lots to do, and I’m very happy to have gotten started.

Finally, I’d like to say HELLO! to the new fans of the Facebook BLHQ page. It’s great to have you in the family. If you haven’t LIKEd the page yet, please do so. It’s another way to get a head’s up on content here, plus a bunch of other bass-related photos and links and such.

So… off to the weekend I go, and so do you! I hope you have a great one. If you’re gigging, I hope the audience loves you, and you all play your best! If you’re practicing – you are practicing, right? – I hope you get a lot done. As always,

Aim high – Play low!


Share your thoughts in the comments below. And feel free to ask questions! Share it with your friends using the tiles to the left or below, and hit the LIKE button if you’re of a mind! ~ Lane

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