C Major Pentatonic Scale – High Position

Continuing our study of the Major Pentatonic Scale, here it is in the key of C, in the higher position. This position begins on eigth fret of the E string. This is the same exact scale as shown in the previous lesson. the only difference is where on the neck you place the notes.

As always, remember your basics:

⁊ Start slowly

⁊ Play it 10 times, perfectly

⁊ Increase speed slowly Continue reading

Relative Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales for Bass Guitar

Did you know that every scale – whether major or minor – has a relative scale? Knowing the relationship between major and minor scales will help you better understand how these scales can be used to create bass lines.

For this lesson, feel free to put your bass down and just watch/listen to the video.

Once you have watched the video, try the exercise outlined below.


Continue reading

Extending the Minor Pentatonic Scale, Part 1

Now that you have learned the two most important fingering patterns for the minor pentatonic scale, and have practiced it in five (or more) keys, it’s time to begin exploring how to extend the scale by adding other notes.

This lesson begins with adding two notes that are often heard in conjunction with the minor pentatonic scale. Continue reading

Gm Pentatonic Scale For Bass Guitar – Low Position

We continue to explore the minor pentatonic scale, this time in the G minor (Gm). There are two positions in which to play this scale; this lesson covers the low position.

As always, remember your basics:

⁊ Start slowly

⁊ Play it 10 times, perfectly Continue reading

E Minor Pentatonic Scale For Bass Guitar – Two Octaves

The keys of E and E minor – or a mashup of both – are arguably the most used keys in Rock and heavier music. (Even if you de-tune a half or whole step, you’re playing in the position that would be E on a standard tuned instrument.) And it’s fair to say that the Em pentatonic scale is at the heart of a significant majority of rock riffage. Therefore, it’s probably a really good idea to learn the E minor pentatonic scale early, and study its potential for your entire career as a bassist. Continue reading

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