Blues Rhumba in C Major

The Blues rhumba (or rumba) has almost an “island” feel. There’s a bit of syncopation to it, and it’s important to play it with feeling. You won’t hear a rhumba as often as you will a shuffle, but

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How to Play a Major Scale in Thirds

Most of the time, beginners – and even more advanced players – play their scales in a linear fashion. (C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C) While that’s a great starting point, your study of a scale shouldn’t end there. Instead, it’s better to play the

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C Major Pentatonic Scale – High Position

Continuing our study of the Major Pentatonic Scale, here it is in the key of C, in the higher position. This position begins on eigth fret of the E string. This is the same exact scale as shown in the previous lesson. the only difference is where on the neck you place the notes.

As always, remember your basics:

⁊ Start slowly

⁊ Play it 10 times, perfectly

⁊ Increase speed slowly Continue reading

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