Riffing in Dm Pentatonic

Lane on Bass Riffing in DOther bassists often ask me, “the Blues are so limiting. What can you really do with five notes?”

The question tells me a lot about the person, and how they view music. My personal take is this: you can make more beautiful music with five notes than you can with a million. It’s all about your approach.

Yesterday, while I was taping for some new lessons, I took a few minutes to just riff for the fun of it. The video below shows that riff session. Notice that I seldom go outside the pure pentatonic scale – a few times using the flat 5.

Here, then, is Riffing with Eddy – in Dm Minor Pentatonic.

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As I said, the vast bulk of this session was in pure pentatonic form. Hopefully, this video gave you some ideas of your own. so why not grab your bass and do a little riffing of your own. See what you come up with. As always,

Aim High – Play Low!


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