Meet Etta, My New Spector Coda 5

It’s been so darn busy around here lately that I haven’t had time to tell you about the newest member of my music gear family. Regular readers may already know that, last year, I purchased a Spector Coda 4, specifically for my work with Ryan Pelton. Eddy, as I call him, has been a dream to work with – so much so, that I ordered another Coda. After several months of waiting, she’s finally here. Continue reading

Riffing in Dm Pentatonic

Other bassists often ask me, “the Blues are so limiting. What can you really do with five notes?”

The question tells me a lot about the person, and how they view music. My personal take is this: you can make more beautiful music with five notes than you can with a million. It’s all about your approach.

Yesterday, while I was taping for some new lessons, I took a few minutes to just riff for the fun of it. The video below shows that riff session. Notice that I seldom go outside the pure pentatonic scale – a few times using the flat 5. Continue reading

Lane’s Spector NS6 Custom Bass Guitar

Here’s a look at my Spector NS-6P Custom bass guitar. Built in the late 90s during the Stuart Spector Design phase of Stuart’s career, this has been my main bass for more than 16 years.

Continue reading

Eddy – Lane’s Spector Coda 4

Here’s a quick overview of the main features of Eddy, my Spector Coda 4 bass guitar.

Aim High – Play Low!


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