The Nashville Number System

The Nashville Number charts are a standard way to write out chord progressions and arrangements for songs that do not require reading music. This approach came about in the 1950s as the studio crew known as the A Team was recording around the clock in studios like the Quonset Hut and RCA Studio B with artists like Elvis, Brenda Lee, Roy Orbison, Marty Robbins, and countless other Country, Pop and Rock artists. I believe credit for this system lies with the Vocal group the Jordanaires who sang backup on most of the record dates in Nashville at that time. Continue reading

Modes and Diatonic Chords Part 2

Now that you’ve had a month to get the C major modal patterns under your fingers, let’s transpose them and work with another key. It’s pretty simple, really. All of the other keys will use the same guidelines as far

Continue reading

Modes and Diatonic Chords

One of the first things I do with an incoming student at Belmont University is to make sure they understand the diatonic modes and chords, and can play them on their instrument. Simply put, the modes are from Classical Music and were used in Gregorian Chant (hence their other name: Church Modes). Continue reading

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